70% of gifts miss the mark šŸ˜³šŸ«£

Hugsi bridges the emotional gap between gift givers and receivers.

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Step 1: Discover

Take the Gift Language Quiz to discover which type of gifts make you feel the most loved and appreciated.

Step 2:

Create your personalized psychology profile and build out your wish list with gift ideas perfect for you.

Step 3: Connect

Share your Hugsi gift profile with the people in your close Gift Circle - Give access to your profile and gain access to theirs.

Step 4:
Personalized Suggestions

Get the best possible gift suggestions for your Hugsi connections and yourself using the latest AI technology.

Step 5:

Purchase the best possible gifts you know will land. We save you time & money!

Step 6: Strengthen

Establish and reconfirm the most important relationships in your life through the power of intentional gifts.

Who we are.

We are a group of humans with the shared goal of strengthening human connections through intentional and thoughtful gift giving.
Join our mission to never give or receive a bad gift again!

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